Hi! It's me, Sora-Evergreen.
Welcome to the Pian snack factory!
FEN is making the "Snack Plug-in" of "PostPet" by "Oyatsu Editor" here.
Please take it freely if something which is suitable to your tastes was here.
But, everyone of the Macintosh user, sorry.
These are for Win 95 or 98 only.

"Hey, Sora! What am I doing here?"
Hi, REALA san! Thank you for help very much!
"Help? I know nothing! What is this? I mean, Why do I wear an apron?"
"Hey, It suits you, REALA."(giggle)
"Give up, REALA. You are in the destiny which helps her here. I do so, too."
"You wear an apron too, aren't you?
By the way, Sora. What is it which you wear?"
This suits me?
This is the "Super Energy Combat Armor".
It is not the power suit.
Special battle suit which can extract human being's latent abilities.
This is lent from "Seca".
And, the people who keep the peace of the street by this suit are called "RENT-A-HERO".
Delivery is rapid, services are perfection, RENT-A-HERO No.1 !
"..... Hey, NiGHTS. Do you know this?".

("RENT-A-HERO No.1" copyright by Sega. Used without permission, sorry. I like it! FEN)


Red Ideya
May be the candy.(?)

White Ideya

Yellow Ideya

Green Ideya

Blue Ideya
The roast Kircle (With the shell) What is this?

The cake of Pian
The cake which often they put on the point of the fishing rod.
You can catch the fish shape NiGHTS by this.
(Is it true?).

Blue chip
It is not a marble.
Collect 20 these, and destroy Ideya capture!

The egg of Mepian
What is this contents?
The affection of REALA REALA's love be packed in it.
Be careful of the food poisoning.

Golden apple
Fruits direct from the Mystic Forest. (Lie)

Mysterious drink
Details is unknown (Hey!).
REALA's favorite?


NiGHTS's Ideya shard. FEN's friend, NAO's request.
The peppermint flavor confectionery?

Star chip
FEN's friend, Nagira's request.

Honey cake
To heal the fatigue of the delivery, please.
It is terribly sweet.
The handmade cuisine of Puffy It has terribly high calorie ^^;.

The jack-in-the-box
The box in the Jackle's room.
Ho-to with the pumpkin The cuisine of Koshu (Yamanashi : a Japanese certain district).
The food which simmered various vegetables and the noodle by the soup of the miso taste.

The red moon
The ill-omened moonlight of Nightmare.

The roast Gulpo
FEN's friend, Nagira's idea.
Look at the comics Vol.2.

Mysterious mugcup
What is this contents?
Ideya of the worldly passions The sixth Ideya, in the legend(?).
It can be collected abundantly at the comics market
(the festival of the various fans in Japan). (Joke).

The melted ice cream
Look at the comics Vol.3.


The Chao jelly : Fruit mint flavors (Basic)
The Chao jelly : Strawberry (Ruby)
The Chao jelly : Blue hawaii (Sapphire)
The Chao jelly : Pineapple (Topaz)
The Chao jelly : Melon (Emerald)
The Chao jelly : Grapes (Amethyst)
The Chao jelly : Clear (Crystal)

As for this "Plug-in", there are no relations in "So-net".
Even if damage arises by having used these on the user side, FEN and "So-net" can't take the responsibility.
When the "Plug-in" which an individual like these made is used, "PostPet" becomes the outside of the support object of "So-net".
Please use it in the user's self-responsibility.