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"NiGHTS ... NiGHTS?".

The call is vain and disappears into the darkness.

"...... NiGHTS?".

No response.

Are you absorbed in anything, and don't you notice it?
Or, have you gone to the place where a voice doesn't reach?

"..... NiGHTS .....NiGHTS! Where are you? DO ANSWER!".

Such a case, The sense to be always, It like drink ice lump.
It was <anxiety>.It was very behind that it knew so.

'That's sir.REALA'.
'sir.REALA is looking for sir.NiGHTS'.
'Where, sir.NiGHTS'.
'Did someone see him?'.

Commotion happens to in the darkness.

They are REALA's associat and subordinate....
A lot of low class Nightmarens(3rd.level Nightmarens) , they are commanded by REALA and <his half fragment>.
But, now, they are REALA's subordinate, actually ...
It was troublesome.
Soon, One steps forward in front of REALA,

" sir.NiGHTS went to the <Void>, a short while ago, sir!".
"..... So. sure".

A word is left, and REALA flew to the dark space.

It's The contact point in the three worlds....
The bad dream world (Nightmare), the paradise of the dream(Nightopia), and real World.
precisely,three is not correct number.
Because < real World > is the generically call, in a lot of divided worlds each other.
Because those worlds don't have a direct contact point, the inhabitant (the dreaming creatures) never meets each other.
Only a night dimension is connected with those all.
Because, this world was born from <light and darkness in all minds > of lot of worlds.
The only contact point of all the worlds.

It's not the nightmare.
It's not the happiness dream.
It's not the real World, too.
And, it's the place which connects with all of them.
If you have power and want, it will be possible to arrive.
Transcendental even if it is time.
Arrives at all places.
But of course, are hearing that it doesn't have such power even if it does the creation master of them.

REALA flies.
He running in darkness, with Pulling the track of the reddish gold light later.

Darkness ........
It's the first memory ........
No, was that <nothing>?
The place of which nothing.
The sense to drift......
He didn't have even awareness.
He could not understand < a sense >, yet.
It just like seemed that rises from the deep deep place....
To consciousness, from the unconsciousness.

Wake up.....

The voice, no, The suggest will.
A sense of the body which becomes vivid at a stretch.
It is possible to make a word so if he in now looks back.
However, he then didn't have even the word to describe.
It doesn't have the concept of the will.
It doesn't have even a concept of<me>.
He opened eyes without understanding any ones, and, it was the one which is first reflected in his eyes.

Deeply clear amethyst....the pupil of the jewel.

It's not the reason.
It's not the taught one, too.
He was perceiving then.

<This> and <Me>.
From the same place.
In the same time.
Equipped with the same power.
Then, they were born.

It's moment was the beginning of REALA.

** Now, you woke up **.

The low voice which falls from above the head.
Then, in the same time,
The one like fog falls in the flow and scatters,
from two perimeters to be confronted and to drift.
And the dark space opens out.

They looked up and saw.
There was a standing huge figure to cover of most of their all sight.

They looked around.
There was a huge palm to surround the circumferences of two people for which to float in the space of darkness.

Then, six eyes of the prismic colors which stare themselves from that center of each.

** You both are the strongest Nightmaren, made by my maximum power.
You are each other in the half, it divided one soul and power.
One which has the harsh horn which stay the crave's red and despair's black, You are REALA.
One which has the body which held night's depth and a sparkle, You are NiGHTS.
Now, I will give blessings with the name, for the dark beloved child which was born here.
In my name, the father and mother in all of the nightmare, lord of nightmare, Wiseman **.


Two nightmaren, who only knows the name which expresses they.
Only, they heard this word, like embrace each other.

How much time passed from it?
They received the love and the discipline from the great creation master, who has wonderful intelligence and power.
They served near the master as one pair of nightmaren which have the strongest power.
Then, they commanded the other low class nightmarens.

In REALA's long life, they were the happiest days.
To worry about anything isn't necessary.
We learn and act, As the master wants.
It's fine.

Because we exist only for its purpose.

Lives near the respecting and loving great master.
The half of me who was born together, he exists near me.
It could condemn to serve their master with me.
The REALA's half. It is not one of the other someone.

The wish of REALA was only one. He wish this time to continue forever.
Only one.
He believed that it continued forever.

To Be Continued ..........