Name / Sora Evergreen

Age / Unknown (High Teen - Young Adult?)

Species / human

Gender / female

Alignment / Neutral Good

Appearance /
She has the short straw color's hair, and silver eyes.
When she went into the Dream Realm, her eyes discolored.
Probably, there is something meaning in it.
Her body is small And slim.
It is difficult to judge her Gender by her physique and aspect.
She puts on the vivid light blue cloth and wears short boots.
But without the hat.
She has a deck whisk,it's instead of the arms.
(However, deck whisk !? why?)

Character type / Unknown (Mage Apprentice?)

likes / Children, Song, Music, and sweet foods.

dislikes / meanness behavior, Unkind, Bullying.

Personality /
She is light and optimistic.
Sometimes, she says intense joke with the straight face.
She is a basically gentle temperament, but,
It changes to the temperament which is intense like the different person only when she is angry seriously.