"PostPet" is famous Japanese mail software.
(By Sony Communication Network Co.).
A cute electronic pet will deliver your letter to him/her if your friend use same software.

The pets which can be chosen in the Japanese edition (PostPet2001).

The pink teddy bear which can move by itself.
The symbol of "PostPet". He/She likes cleanness.

The miniature rabbit. He/She is full of curiosity.
Careful care is necessary because he/she feels lonely.

The land tortoise. He/She is erudite.
He/She is a gentle character, but, sometimes blow the fire.

The capricious purple cat.
FEN selected him, and named that "NiGHTwo" (^^;)

The mysterious computer which can move by itself.
The origin of his name is probably "Watashi Wa SINGO" of the Japanese cartoonist Kazuo-Umezu.

The hamstar which has a big (large) mouth.But, his/her body is most small than other pets.

The penguin.
Why, he/she has bag in the abdomen, and a letter is put here and delivered.

The dog.
He/She likes to please the owner.

The hard worker robot.
He do"Delivery" to the mail software of not "PostPet".
And, the mail which put an attached file is carried by him.
(The pet can't carry an attached file.).
He can't be chosen as a pet fundamentally.

Please visit English edition site of So-net if you have interest in "PostPet".
You can obtain a tryout version of "PostPet" English edition here.
In the "PostPet English edition" you can select Momo and John.

Enjoy PostPet life!!

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