About "Plug-in"

We can enjoy the care of the cute pet in "Postpet".

As for them, intelligence, a character, the tastes of food, and so on change by the contents of the experience.

They do "growth" by the delivery of the mail, and they end the life when delivery of the fixed number is finished.

(Delivery number is different by the kind of the pet, and varies further by "happiness" of the pet.).

We can give to our pet the Plug-in of "The various rooms, foods, toys".
We can get Plug-in, in the "So-net" formal site.
But, the Japanese fan of "PostPet" wanted much more.

"I wants to give a pet more various "Snacks"!".
"I want a pet to live in the "room" which I myself made!".

The "Plug-in which an individual made" was created by their hopes.
They are called "Custom snacks" or "Home-made snacks".

"Custom snacks" and the software to make them is opening to the public with many "Postpet" fan's site.
But, "Custom snacks" and the production software doesn't get the formal permission of "So-net".
("So-net" doesn't prohibit use of them. However,
"Always do at your own risk." is a principle.).

The "PostPet Japanese edition" isn't restricting the uses of Plug-in.
But, now, the "PostPet English edition" is restricting the uses of Plug-in.
Though the formal patch file of canceling this was made, you'll need attention about the use of Plug-in.
Luckily, FEN got the permission of link from the owner of site which does the support of "Shioyan's Oyatsu Editor" and "Custom snacks".

If you are interested in "PostPet English edition" and "Plug-in" and "Custom snacks", visit his site, and examine something necessary for you.

FEN is using "Shioyan's Oyatsu Editor" for the production of the "snack".

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